Duncan Reekie, notorious Underground film doctor, ranter, leveller and pulpiteer, pushes his new book Subversion: the Definitive History of Underground Cinema.

Ever wondered what our shows look like, or do you find yourself dizzy the next morning and short on clear reminicences? Well, here's some pics we found.

Our new, extensive and unexpurgated flyer and booklet extravaganza, including original drunken collages, outtakes etc etc

Our classic flyer retrospective

6 minutes of footage from the Volcano Film Festival fundraiser at the 333 Club, December 1998.


9 minutes of streamed interviews from Aftershock, the closing event of the 1998 Volcano Film Festival.

21 minutes of interviews with Exploders!


Vacuum #1-4: 4 volumes of no budget underground film and video, streamed courtesy of backspace.