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Saturday 30th MARCH 2019



'day after the apocalypse'
all-day spectacular
featuring FILMS
VJs & DJs

All under one roof for just £10

Cheeky Soundsystem
Unit 2, 62 Hatcham rd,
London, SE15 1TW 


2.00pm - 6.00pm

WORKSHOPS to kick off the BIG 30th March show. All ages welcome!

Doors open, Workshops commence on a first come, first served basis. Workshops will be in small groups, are all included in the entry fee of £10 and will be conducted between 2.00pm and 5.30pm for the entertainment of our lovely audience. Come and sample the expertise of the Exploders!

We show you how to take old 35mm slides and mess with them using chemicals and sharpie pens, then project the slides for the full visual experience of 'slide art', works specifically designed to be projected from a 35mm slide projector. Using bleach, sharpie ink and scraping tools, we'll show you how to turn a mundane 70s landscape into a psychedelic slide supernova.

We'll show you have to get fun results using stop frame animation using cut outs, objects or yourselves.
Come and work collaboratively and we'll set the space for you to get creative. Workshop led by Angel Daden assisted by Saffora Daden.

Channel your inner Tarkovsky as you shoot some super 8 and learn how to develop the film yourself using washing soda, vitamin C and Coffee. The resulting films will be projected during the film show in all their brown and white glory. PLUS for the first time we'll be devloping colour too!

*CUT AND PASTE: The art of collage, montage and Zines*
Enjoy the pleasure of scissors and glue, as you create your own surreal collage worlds on an A5 page. Exploding Cinema shows are always accompanied by a small booklet, which is put together by the team. They are made at informal meetings where we can just be creative and chat about what needs to be done for the upcoming show. Join us for some artworking and expect flashbacks of nursery school as you get busy with the scissors and glue.

Street art and totem pole legend mORGANICo shows you how to out-Banksy yourself using stencils and spraypaints. Take home your own (picture of a) fllm projector!

The how and why of our oldest-school analogue projections. We show how to find good loop material, cut and splice it to itself and create a moment that will play forever or until the projector chews it up which, regrettably, does sometimes happen.

6pm - 7pm

Joe Whitney one-man Cinema band

"Amazing musical scientist and experimenter of genres" JAMBOREE

Maria Beadell
"A performance art piece which is about the shedding of layers of negative messaging we take on board from others and carry with us, followed by poetry."

The Clapham Film Unit will screen:

1. A found slide jam with some 16mm/8mm projections
2. A remix of Ben Graville's film 'Deptford Found and Lost'. A short film of found photos and documents from Deptford's flea market.
(slide/analog media)

7pm - 8pm


The Magic Hatchet / Joe Whitney
With Cobblestones / Joe J Robinson
Proper ads / Fletch Fletcher 
EasyJet / Francesca Anfossi 
Apple and Caramel / David Viey
The Entropy of all things / Tony Hickson
1 minute film club compilation / Fred Tschepp 
Kennst du mich? / Arthur Still
Searching with Sam Widges / Morgan Ico 

8pm - 9pm

Performance Klub Fiskulturnik


"Eu-Yoga is a take on my work Yugo yoga (2008-2018)  a series of participatory performances that fuse elements of yoga, archived physical exercises (fiskultura), poses from figurative revolutionary sculptures, political slogans and New age messages of self improvement.
EU –Yoga will be a one off, Brexit inspired take on this performance format, consisting of 20 min participatory event. Raging Europa & Cruel Britannia dressed in Fiskulturnik trademark workers overalls with custom made insignia, will take the audience to embody poses inspired by statues of central squares of EU member states, accompanied with projections and sound. At the very end of performance in a grand finale we'll dance together the last waltz." - Lara Ritosa Roberts


Fuck Off Batman "mono syllabolic batmanic free rock"
also performs hugh metcalfes brand new super8 films... "SNOT - MARTLESHAM - MUD - MANIAC" mostly col reversal film from 2018/2019


9pm -10pm


Magic Explained / Paul Tarrago
Quentin and the Altered Boy / Sean Reynard
Le cocon d'amour du chat noir / Jeanne Galy
Conservative Apocalypse / James Braddell Funki Porcini
No. 41 / Hilda Daniel
Duke road Silverhill / Duncan Reekie
Girl under you / Sian Williams
Dead Celebrities /Michael Fausti Fausti_Films
Sausages and Umbilical cords / Alexander D Holland

10pm -11pm

Shino Saegusa

This performance is prepared in the wake of Brexit and questions the relationship between the identity and the cake. Inspired by Elin Diamond's essay 'The Violence of "We": Politicising Identification'

The Bleach Beuys:
Tears in the Morning

Off-kilter sound and visual performance, inspired in part by a Beach Boys lament from their 1970 album, Sunflower, which includes the fitting refrain:

"So you moved out up to Europe, you packed your warmth and you took your soul, well I hope you do what you're damn sure of, a lonely bed here takes on the cold…"


11pm - 11.30pm

The Anarchist Film Archive

Anarchist Film Archive 'Pub Cinema' mix. Pick up the menu and shout out your selection to create a leaderless, crowd curated programme of radical film. 

The Anarchist Film Archive is a comprehensive database of anarchist films compiled by Santiago Juan-Navarro to be found at This screening is inspired by the radical New German Cinema creation 'Tales of the Dumpster Kid': a 22-part episodic film touring German pubs in the 1970s, where the audience were encouraged to make their own sequence of the film's episodes over a fair few pints. Tonight, a selection of short films from the Anarchist Film Archive will be on the menu for you to choose in the spirit of the Dumpster Kid's 'Pub Cinema' style. 

11.30pm- 12 midnight

On the main screen:

'Paint Film 2 - Charlotte Bill

I made this film by taking 1000 foot of 16mm which someone found in a bin, hanging it on a washing line and adding bleach and spray paint and letting the wind and storms blow through it for a few days. Then I reeled it up. It's on two reels and can be shown on two walls simultaneously.
- Lost black and white heads emerge through the flourescense criss crossed and bespattered with grit and sprocket holes. Paired with the hypnotic soundtrack by Nocturnal Emissions.

Midnight - 1am

*SCALD PROCESS*: Darkly beautiful, restless visuals and soundscapes within a massive fog of sub bass, Scald Process is a collaboration between Stormfield (Fausten / Combat Recordings) and various live instrumentalists and vocalists. Informed equally by Autechre, Basinski and Scorn, the project was borne out of dark rooms and fucked up sounds, pushing the extremes of harmonic noise but with a solid soundsystem discipline, combining string abuse, improvisation and distortion with gigantic subs and abstract technoid beat structures.

After a few releases on Section 27, Loose Lips, Abstrakt Reflections and Amplidyne Effect, a full album was released on Holotone Music in October 2017. The project continues to evolve



ALSO going on...

In the tent:

Professor Duncan Reekie's debate on the future of independent film or something like that.

Fortune telling by Maryam Hashemi

Photoshop work by SAM HELLER

"With my collages I would like to use photoshopping as an adequate artistic tool. Since the beginning of photography, the manipulation of images has been an integral part of the medium.
In my Photoshop collages I work on themes such as visual manipulation and beauty ideals from various periods of art history. The works were further developed from my scientific essay during my Productdesign studie on "Gender and Sexualization of Toys". As a friend of science, I also make fun of the fact that creationists prefer to believe in Adam and Eve rather than dinosaurs."






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