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Please read and follow these simple guidelines for full satisfaction.

Submissions for our regular screenings are always open on a rolling basis. We are truly Open Access and show all the films submitted as long as they are not longer than 20 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE because of our open access policy we currrently have a backlog of films and it might be a few months before your film is screened. Submit your film online via email link. Submit your film to: explodingcinema@hotmail.com Email a link to a downloadable file on Vimeo, YouTube or one of the major filesharing sites like WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Please do not send us time-sensitive links as it sometimes takes us a while to get to it. Send us the password if the site requires it to download. Please remember to enable downloading for your film.

Please submit ONE FILM PER EMAIL (send a separate email for each film). If you submit multiple films at once, only ONE of them will be put in the queue and shown (we'll choose)

Include the following information in your email: Name | Telephone | Email | Film Title | Duration | Download URL (youtube, dropbox or whatever) I agree to the inclusion of the submitted film(s) at EXPLODING CINEMA screenings

Depending on how busy we are, you may not receive an acknowledgement that the film has been received, but you WILL get a notification when it has been programmed. If you need to know if we have it, email us at explodingcinema@hotmail.com

DURATION Films must be 20 minutes or shorter. We cannot stress this enough.

FORMAT For downloadable video files, we prefer an .mp4 file with h.264 encoding. Please keep file size under 500mb. In our experience there is no tangible improvement in projection quality for an 8 Gigabyte uncompressd monster. In fact, massive files often play less smoothly.

If you have used an unusual format we can't support you are welcome to bring along a suitable player and plug it into our system. We have an EXCELLENT video projector/sound system.

CELLULOID - REAL FILM ...we LOVE to screen Celluloid and have excellent 16mm and Super 8/standard 8 projectors (the 16mm with optical sound, the super 8 with mag stripe sound or you can play your soundtrack on cassette or cd) Also 35mm slide projectors. If you want to do something on multiple screens or with double projections you may have to bring some additional equipment of your own, or not, but contact us about this.

PERFORMANCE WORK We are not a performance, poetry reading or music event as such - BUT- if your work incorporates an element of PROJECTION - we will get very excited and welcome you with open arms! So if you are really keen to do something, and say, you are primarily music based- why not team up with someone to do projections? Contact us to negotiate. Also- sometimes when we do bigger shows we have space for installations or longer performance - so write to us about this too if you have a clear idea.

Anxious to know if it's arrived with us? - the programmer will get in contact with you a few weeks or so before your screening, so relax. But if you are very anxious to know, then you can send us an e mail stating clearly when you sent the film and the person answering the emails will find out for you and email you back.

WHEN WILL YOUR WORK BE SHOWN? We programme on a 'first come first served' basis- so if there is a big backlog of work you may not be in our next show- you may have to wait. Generally the shorter the work, the more likely it will be shown in the next show. We will prioritise Celluloid, and care for it lovingly. If you send in several pieces all at once, or a compilation we will not usually screen them all - our first instinct will be for the programmer to choose to screen their favourite! So if you don't want this to happen make it clear what you want screened MOST.

Remember we have a lot of work to screen and want to be fair and make space for all. COME TO THE SHOW ! & bring a guest for free! All filmmakers are invited to either present an introduction to their film, or do a short Q&A after their film. Most choose the Q&A and it's always fun!.

We offer you a wonderful show for your work- keen audience, lovely venue, the VERY BEST projection- and we invite YOU as an honoured contributor - (plus one guest!) to come to the show. YOU make the shows what they are and the atmosphere is especially good when all the film makers are present. If you come with a whole bunch of people we will love you long time, but remember only two of you will get in free. Door revenue is the only way we can keep going and support the independent film scene. Our constitution does not allow us to accept outside funding and that's how we've kept going and completely independent since 1991.

ANY QUESTIONS NOW???? explodingcinema@hotmail.com