1. The EXPLODING CINEMA COLLECTIVE is committed to D.I.Y.Cinema and film/video. The core activity of the collective is organising regular open access non-curated shows. The ideas, projects and methods developed by the Exploding Cinema are copyright free, anyone can use them just as anyone can make a film/video, but any collective show that uses the Exploding Cinema name must first be approved by the majority of the collective. We oppose the elitism, academicism, industrialism and obscurity of the traditional 'Independent' film/video sector and welcome contributions from all film/video/performance practises from the popular to the experimental. We aim to find a diverse popular audience for our screenings and to break down the limiting divisions between maker and audience, theory and practise, amateur and professional. The Collective opposes State funding for film production ( B.F.I., the Film Council, the Arts Council, Film London etc..) since it is undemocratic, elitist and harmful to open access/D.I.Y.cinema. Instead, we advocate the transfer of state funding from production to exhibition/distribution. The only exception to this would be state production funding which is demonstrably democratic, equitable and just. The Collective will at all times strive for financial and institutional autonomy and will under no circumstances seek or accept state funding for its activities.

2. The Collective is committed to non profit-making collective practise, equality of opportunity, voluntary contribution and open access. This means that...

(a) Anyone can contribute to the EXPLODING CINEMA or become involved in its activities but to become a member of the collective with voting rights at general and sub-group meetings, it is necessary to read accept and sign this agreement. The rights and privileges laid down in this agreement will then be given to members of the Collective. Access to the resources, information and equipment of the Collective for non- members is at the discretion of the Collective. If at a general meeting the Collective decides that a member/s have deliberately broken this agreement, they will lose their voting rights and the rights and privileges this agreement provides. They will no longer be a member of the Collective.

(b) The Collective will hold regular meetings at which a chairperson will be elected and decisions will be made by a simple majority vote of Collective members. Changes to this agreement can only be made by a two thirds majority vote at a general meeting. To call a GENERAL MEETING the organiser/s must actively take steps to contact every member of the Collective and give at least a weeks notice of the meeting. Every member of the Collective has the right to organise meetings and to express their opinions at meetings.

(c) Every member of the Collective has the right to participate in the decision-making processes that effect their chosen activities in the Collective.

(d) The Collective is not a monolithic block with a single ideology, it is rather a coalition of diverse interests able to include many shades of opinion, working methods, collective and individual projects.

(e) Every member of the Collective has access to the network of information, resources and equipment owned by the Collective.

(f) Whenever possible, all opportunities and positions within the Collective will be allocated by informed collective agreement and that this process should be rotational. Every possible attempt will be made to rotate duties and positions and to avoid heirarchial work practices.

(g) No wages are paid by the Collective except for specific and collectively agreed contracts.

(h) All finance, equipment and information acquired by the Collective is held in collective ownership by the Collective.

(i) The time/labour and resources put into the Collective by its members is returned to those members as the success of the Collective .The Collective is constituted for the general benefit of filmmakers and the particular mutual benefit of it's membership. Work conducted in the name of the Collective must be for the benefit of the Collective. No single member or faction of the membership should seek personal success or profit through the activities of the Collective. All finance, equipment and information acquired by the Collective is held in collective ownership by the Collective.

(j) Every member and every perspective of the Collective will be given their own copy of this agreement.

3. The Collective recognises that an essential way to provide low/no- budget makers with effective distribution/exhibition is to promote and organise a nationwide circuit of Exploding Cinema style venues.

4. The Collective will diversify into skill sharing and training and resources will be made available for this purpose.

5. The Collective will set up a register of resources/equipment available to members/makers.

6. The Collective will/should find a way to recompense makers for their contribution to the show.

7. The Collective has a NO - CENSORSHIP POLICY and will only preview work for programming purposes.

8. The Collective will take active and effectively financed steps to recruit and renew the broadest mix of membership / makers./audience in terms of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and age possible. As a member of the Collective I undertake to uphold the principles and conditions of this agreement and I understand that if I leave the Collective I will no longer be granted the rights and privileges of the Collective .

Revised July 2019