In October 2001 the celebrated Lux centre For Film, Video and Digital Arts in Hoxton Square was suddenly closed, the staff were sacked and the locks were changed. Exploding Cinema now dares to ask:

Why was the London Film Makers Co-op forced by the B.F.I. and the Arts Council to give up it's open access democratic collective status as a condition of funding the move to the Lux ?

Was there a 9/10 majority membership vote for the dissolution of the Co-Op as stipulated in the constitution ?

Why did the Co-Op continue to issue membership between 1995-1997 even though there no longer was a 'Co-Op' ?

Why was 4.5 million pounds of Lottery and State funding spent on the Lux centre and yet the building itself rented from a private company without rent control agreements ?

Why in spite of all the hype and innovation couldn't the Lux make enough money to pay the running costs ?Why did a purpose built film and video centre have a cinema that was generally loathed by film and video makers ?

How did a supposedly radical voluntary organisation like the Co-Op get involved in a commercially incompetent public/private partnership financed by the gambling losses of desperate ordinary people who had no need or desire for 'Film, Video and Digital Arts ?'

How many millions were finally lost ?

Why does the genre 'Film, Video and Digital Art' seem to include only film makers funded by the State ?

Why has the State Art sector consistently refused to acknowledge the existence of London's thriving unfunded Underground Cinema clubs ?

 Is Art the cargo cult of the middle class ?

And will there ever be an inquiry into the Mystery Of The Art Shrine ?