Just answer our simple questionnaire and find out if you're cool and happening on the media circuit.

You go to a club and see someone you know wearing old fashioned clothes and looking kinda lost.... Do you?
A. Say hello
B. Pretend not to recognise them.
C. Totally ignore them.

You're into the "underground" scene because...
A. It's a radical alternative to bourgoise culture.
B. You can get you're eyebrow pierced and watch porn.
C. It's full of naive idealists you can exploit for
your career plan.

You're at the funeral of a friend in the film industry...do you?
A. Reminisce about old times.
B. Get drunk.
C. Network for your latest Channel 4 proposal.

"ANARCHY" is....
A. The liberational transformation of society.
B. What happens when everything goes wrong
on the shoot.
C. Sexy bombs and gun imagery.

Mostly C - You're so cool and it wont be long before you've got a top notch job in the media industry.

Mostly B - You're kinda happening but you've got to sharpen up to get ahead in the fast lane.

Mostly A - You're just not with it ! You're a hopeless romantic who believes that trend is the vacuous process that turns protest into product and community into commodity.