Seems like the popular media has finally twigged that Britain is seething with NO-BUDGET FILM FEVER, what with all the disreputable D.I.Y. cinema gangs now operating, you'd have thunk that the so-called Independent sector would be jumping on the band wagon with gusto.....but NO! Instead, institutional paranoia has shifted into overload ! Whereas a couple of years ago you could put your scruffy flyers up on pinboards at the N.F.T.,Photographers Gallery, I.C.A. and other Establishment venues, NOW the pinboards are gone and you cant even display or hand out flyers!

What's worse...many of these venues are now also signed up to leaflet distribution companies who tout glossy corporate dross and remove unsanctioned flyers from their racks.

Undaunted by this mafia lockout the EXPLODING CINEMA has developed tried and tested techniques of holistic fly subversion for you to fight back with:

1. Go to the venue put up posters, give out leaflets, when the staff tell you to stop, engage them in a loud public argument with questions like:

"Don't you believe in FREE SPEECH ?"
"Don't my taxes fund this institute ?"
"So, Hitler was right to burn books ?"

2. Go to the venue and stand admiring the leaflet display. Making sure you're not being watched, take a fat wadge of in-house leaflets from the rack - they must be the gate fold or booklet type.

Get the fuck out of there, insert your flyers into the in-house leaflets then return to the venue and replace the leaflets in the rack. This method of distribution is particularly pleasing as it takes a while for the venue to discover but once they twig it their institutional paranoia goes off the dial.

3. Some institutes have big glass boxes for sad tourists to put chump change in, this is basically a P.R. begging scam to give the impression of penury and insecurity. Stick your flyers through the slot, at least one of them will fall right way up and lie attractively framed on a bed of MONEY....succulent!