Saturday 18th July 2015

11c South Crescent, Canning Town, London, E16 4TL
51°31'08.8"N 0°00'06.7"W

£6 no booking, no concs. Cash on the door, exact change would be nice.

4:30pm doors open, Workshops commence in the bar on a first come, first served basis. Workshops will be in small groups, are all included in the entry fee of £6 and will be conducted between 4.30pm and 6.30pm for the entertainment of our lovely audience. Come and sample the expertise of the Exploders!

Cut and Paste: The art of collage and montage
with Angel Daden
Enjoy the pleasure of scissors and glue, as you create your own surreal collage worlds on an A5 page. Exploding Cinema shows are always accompanied by a small booklet, which is put together by the team. They are made at informal meetings where we can just be creative and chat about what needs to be done for the upcoming show. Join us for some artworking, and we will include the work in our upcoming show at the Supernormal Festival. We will scan the finished work and e-mail to you so you have a lasting memento.

Super 8 developing in Caffenol - with Ben Slotover
Channel your inner Tarkovsky as you shoot some super 8 and learn how to develop the film yourself using washing soda, vitamin C and Coffee. The resulting negative will be projected during the film show in all its silent brown and white glory.

Stencil workshop - with mORGANICo
Street art and totem pole legend mORGANICo shows you how to out-Banksy yourself using stencils and spraypaints. Take home your own (picture of a) super 8 projector!

Face Painting - with Professor Duncan Reekie
The Professor never told us of his talents as face painter, but we’ve found there is nothing he is not capable of. We’re not sure if he’s teaching the art of face painting or if he’s just letting rip on people’s faces, but make no mistake: this man will fix you up good. Expect some funny looks on the DLR home.

Slide staining - with Ben Slotover
Hey, everybody, remember slides? Well they’re back, in stained form! Using bleach, sharpie ink and scraping tools, we’ll show you how to turn a mundane 70s landscape taken by someone who is now in all probability stone dead into a psychedelic slide supernova. Then we’ll project them as part of our decor visuals.

6.30pm Film show begins in the main cabin, and also on the outside deck.


International Wife Shouting Championships - Tom Rochester
What happens after death? - Louise Green
CELEOCANTH and other ancient 
memories from the future - Jason Gleeson
Soho Fair - Angel Daden
Joy - Colette Rouhier
Saturday - Keif Gwinn
Dark Forest - Duncan Reekie
Sunday, Before Midnight - Samuel Fahy


Spirit of the streets - Janet Brandon
E215 - Scott Willis
ORWELL'S DREAM - Christopher Stylianou
The wealth or poverty film - Andrew Syers
Black and White Lines - Darren Downs
What If You Woke One Day...? - David King
Flipside - David Anthony Sant

11pm Film show ends, bar open until they kick us all out. 

Sound like a plan? Well, we'll find a way to bollock it up somehow.

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Like the mysterious salmon, Exploding Cinema has returned to the water to breed this summer, and we're not talking about the pitter-pat of little explosions. 
We are talking underground shorts
We are talking independent film
We are talking indie-under-groundpendent film shorts
We are talking super-8 shooting and processing in coffee workshop
We are talking about staining slides
We take scissors to pictures and make zines
We are chewing gum and we're making fake IDs
We have new oil wheels in the solars
And we're all out of gum.

Find the one place in London that will survive the apocalypse, the island of tomorrow that is CODY DOCK. two screens on a landed river boat, plus bar and BBQ. Come chill under an English summer sky.


7+8 August 2015

Festival season is upon us.  Glastonbury will be grabbing the headline next week.  A reminder of how much mayhem and creatively can happen in quiet country fields.  Exploding is venturing into the festival circuit this year at Supernormal festival 7th + 8th August. 

Exploding Show: 8:45pm Friday 7/8

Exploding Kids Show: 10-12 Saturday morning, 8/8

How to get there




Friday 25th September 2015

Exploding Cinema presents The Disposable Film Show

London's longest running film club presents a night of the latest short films made on the newest technology: Phones, ipods, Go pros, flipcams, helmet cams and anything else with a camera attached to it. Featuring for the fifth year running San Francisco's Disposable Film Festival, voted one of the worlds coolest and most innovative film festivals. From intimate to expansive, raw to polished, cutting edge to bleeding edge, we'll be showing it all at the Cinema Museum. Also featuring live interval music, raffle prizes and Exploding Cinema's trademark kaleidoscopic visual projections.