The industries and institutes that produce culture are controlled by an elite group of professional administrators who use a system of separations and classifications to legitimate their power. To expose the contradictions within this system all you have to do is compare the 'different' media, for example music vs. film/video...Imagine an acoustic jazz band playing for a record company executive and the executive listens for a while then tells the band that audiences can't listen to acoustic music because the sound quality's not good enough, that they're really old fashioned because drums have been replaced by synthesisers which keep a more regular beat and that jazz was big in the1950's but now it's the 1990's so they should be playing Techno.....ABSURD...AND YET......!!!

No-budget film/video makers are constantly being told by programmers and funders that VHS video is not "Broadcast Quality" , that Super 8 film is defunct and that the "cutting" edge of "Independent" media is on the cybernet virtual highway. What they really mean is that to make a `GOOD' film you've got to have a lot of money and since they've got all the money you've got to deal with them. Don't you believe it !

The only people entitled to judge your work are the audience!!!