Lately the media establishments been drivelling on about CULTURAL DIVERSITY... you've got your million dollar feature films but you've also got no-budget Super 8 and you've got the Cork Street galleries and you've also got Peckham adult evening classes in life drawing.. it's all part of the Postmodern decentralised synchronic CYBERSCENE... like you've got your unemployed lone parent but you've also got the international corporate arts sponsor... its so diverse and there's a niche for every shade of the MULTICULTURE... yes there's always room at the bottom. And there's been some very laudable ARTS OUTREACH initiatives involving the local community like sticking a video installation in the local shopping mall or taking an opera company into the local prison ... yeh fucking right this bogus diversity is not a spectrum of equally respected and financed 'ART FORMS', it's the same old BOURGEOIS HIERARCHY adopting a new brochure for the 1990's. The media establishment has a network of power and privilege and the rest of us get jack shit.

The leopard may change it's spots, but it's still a leopard.