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Places to buy SUPER 8 film stock related equipment
Lee's Cameras

Lee’s Cameras Ltd.

in Hendon, London, UK


Telephone : 020 8202 9918

Second hand and new Super 8, 16mm, video photography equipment. Competitive prices for Super 8 film stock but definitely overpriced on the equipment. Good source for obscure projector lamps, though. Also run processing service for b w Super 8 (but check out Pro 8 below for this...).

The Widescreen Centre 48 Dorset Street,
London W1H 3FH
Tel: 020 7935 2580
Wide range of Super 8 supplies and services, plus telescopes and 3-D camera equipment! Yet again - pricey on equipment - but good source for stock (including Standard 8 Single 8!), splicing tape and all things imaginable for 8mm production. Also sells the indispensable Amateur Cine Enthusiast magazine (more about this later on). Runs processing service for all manner of Super Standard 8 stocks.
Stanley Productions
147 Wardour Street,
London W1V 3TB
Tel: 020 7494 4545
Audio tape, video tape, computer consumables, cutting room supplies, Super 8 transfers to video, video duplications from/to any standard or format you can think of. Used by the media industries a lot so probably the best prices in town.
Pro 8 1-6 Falconberg Court,
London W1D 3AB
Tel: 020 7734 5193
A dealer for professional (i.e. very expensive) Super 8 cameras, but the most interesting thing is the film processing service they offer for Plus X and Tri X Super 8 (= the black and white stocks). They1re cheaper than Widescreen and quicker - at present (March 2001) they reckon on 8.50 a roll ( VAT = 10), and ready within 3 working days! Cheaper if you buy the original stock from them (=16.99 purchase processing)!!
The Film Stock Centre 68 Wardour Street,
London W1
Tel: 020 7494 2244
16mm and Super 8 film stock. Cheap for video tapes also.
Jessops Photo Centre 67/9 New Oxford Street,
London WC1
Tel: 020 7240 6077
Photography and video equipment of all kinds - tripods, lighting, processing, Super 8 stock and take-up spools etc. Good prices
Nicholas 15 Camden High Street,
London NW1 7JE
Tel: 020 7916 7251
Secondhand Super 8 and 16mm equipment at competitive prices. Repairs stuff too.
Cresta Electronics 52 Watling Street,
Radlett, Herts.
Tel: 0923 855342
Postal Super 8 sound striping service and sells Super 8 stock, splicing tape some equipment - ask for their catalogue.
Geliot Whitman 54 Baker Street,
Tel: 020 7935 5510
Graphics and animation materials, cel, paint etc..
Alec Tiranti 27 Warren Street,
London W1P 5DG
Tel: 020 7636 8565
Modelling and sculpture materials and tools.
W.Hobby Ltd. Knight1s Hill Square,
London SE27 0HH
Tel: 020 8761 4247
Model kits, figures, tools, various modelling media, dolls house accessories etc... Produce an annual catalogue entitled Hobby's, available from WH Smith. A mecca for miniatures.
Brodie & Middleton 68 Drury Lane,
London WC2B 5SP
Tel: 020 7836 3289

Theatrical suppliers of make-up, blood, props etc. Film video - workshops and facilities

Four Corners Film Workshop 113 Roman Road,
London E2 0HU
Tel: 020 7981 4243
Long established independent film workshop with Super 8 and 16mm equipment for hire, own cinema space, and comprehensive list of practical courses.
Stall in Golborne Road (just off Portobello Road ... nearest tube Westbourne Park), on the odd number side Ephemera from the 401s, 501s1, 601s etc. but also all manner of Super 8 cameras, projectors, viewers, splicers, slide projectors, OHPs etc at low prices. This stall has loads of such equipment stacked up on it and so is impossible to miss ... but is only open on Fridays and Saturdays. It1s hit and miss what they have in stock any particular day but definitely worth a visit.
Camera Exchange one of the Record Tape Exchange spin-offs, up by Notting Hill Gate tube Old super 8 and 16mm cameras and projectors, as well as any other format you can think of.
Some Miscellaneous film & video related bodies:
Connections Palingswick House,
241 King Street,
London W6 9LP
Tel: 020 8741 1766
Community video project offering courses and equipment hire. Reduced rates for the unfunded and unwaged. Other useful addresses and information sources
British Film Institute 21 Stephen Street,
London W1P 1PL
Tel: 020 7255 1444
Publish various guides periodicals detailing film and video courses around the country - both mainstream and marginal. A catalogue of what they produce is available either from the foyer at Stephen Street, or by contacting their Education and Publications Dept. They also have an impressive library collection but materials are for reference only, and a day membership costs something like 6 (gulp)... works out way cheaper to take out an annual membership if you1re going to be visiting there a few times over the course of a year.