ACCESS The assumption that training in film/video equals representation in the media.
ART A means of validating certain activities like sculpture and poetry whilst making others like washing up or working in a shop worthless.


A concept which allowed artists to make boring films and claim they were pioneers of a new visual language
BRITISH FILM Films set in Edwardian England or Hampstead starring Hugh Grant.
CONTEMPORARY Films about modern Britain in which everyone behaves like it's 1910.


A type of Avant Garde film made by artists who think they're scientists.
FUNDING A complex lobbying system that effectively ensures the irrelevance of "INDEPENDENT" film.


A film industry controlled by state patronage.
INSTALLATION An attempt by artists to turn film /video into a saleable gallery product.


A concept adopted by the "INDEPENDENT" administrators to fragment the underground coalition.
UNDERGROUND A seething rabble of no-budget film/video makers who don't give a fuck for the "INDEPENDENT FILM INDUSTRY".