Digital in Margate

We are really excited to be doing a special show in Margate on 19th OCTOBER 2019 as part of the Margate Festival’s NOW Digital project, thanks to longtime Digital artist collaborators and creators of interactive techno-psychedelia Genetic Moo.

In keeping with the ethos of the NOW digital event, we will be holding demonstrations and workshops of chroma keying, image mapping, animation, VJ mixing/looping, holograms and a whole slew of projection effects. Noon-5pm Workshops

At 7pm it’s time for the Exploding Cinema film show: a screening of independent short films of every conceivable type and a few that defy any sane explanation. SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN for this show. If it’s under 20 minutes we will show it. 7pm-10pm Film show

All, of course, accompanied by our pound shop raffle, eclectic music tastes and a 17-projector technicolour whirlwind covering every available surface in the room. And the entry fee for this unique reality bending experience? ZERO POUNDS! That’s right, this is a FREE show. You get yourself to Margate, we’ll do the rest.

The Margate School, Woolworths, 31 High Street, Margate CT9 1EA

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