Digital in Margate

We did special show in Margate on 19th OCTOBER 2019 as part of the Margate Festival’s NOW Digital project, thanks to longtime Digital artist collaborators and creators of interactive techno-psychedelia Genetic Moo.

In keeping with the ethos of the NOW digital event, we held demonstrations and workshops of chroma keying, image mapping, video glitching, VJ mixing, holograms and a whole slew of projection effects. Noon-5pm Workshops

At 7pm it was time for the Exploding Cinema film show: a screening of independent short films of every conceivable type and a few that defy any sane explanation.

WE would love to come back!

Film titleRuntimeDirector
Super Reimagined Dreamland0:06:35Tom Dwyer
Matthew 19:210:10:36Matt Towndrow
Uninvited V0:01:07Shona Davies
Bloody Frogs0:09:00Lee Berwick
Joe’s Last Post0:08:41Stefan Gambrell
ECLIPSE // Composition I0:06:16Melanie King
On the first dream ever recorded0:07:20Katherine E. Bash
Whose Dreamland?0:13:39John Barlow
Tone Death0:03:50Sinead Stoddart
Queue0:04:47Ami Ferreira
Let’s Look at Florida0:05:30Hogan Seidel
The Last Party0:07:53Shannon Ward

All, of course, accompanied by our pound shop raffle, eclectic music tastes and a 17-projector technicolour whirlwind covering every available surface in the room. And the entry fee for this unique reality bending experience? ZERO POUNDS! That’s right,a FREE show.

The Margate School, Woolworths, 31 High Street, Margate CT9 1EA

Chroma key setup

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