Call to Arms 2019

to break up into pieces violently, or to cause something to do this

Sick of the multiplex? The cinema-industrial complex? The corporate-funded art-washed vortex where filmmaking is made available only to those with the right contacts?

EXPLODING CINEMA sticks a middle finger squarely in the face of institutionalised filmmaking and detonates the demands of corporatised cinema. EXPLODING CINEMA continues to demonstrate that anyone with an idea can make a film, anyone with a camera can shoot one. Our underground culture is built on low and zero budget filmmaking, yet it is this underground that consistently innovates ideas and mobilises an ingenuity unimaginable to the corporate institutions. Since our foundation in a Brixton squat in 1991, EXPLODING CINEMA has organised continuously against industry elitism and agitated for an open access and democratised film culture.

Through regular film screenings and events in London and beyond, EXPLODING CINEMA asserts a radical anti-curatorial policy: every film submitted to us will be screened without exception. Equally, at EXPLODING CINEMA, audience and filmmaker can discuss and debate film, cinema and the underground movement on equal and open terms.

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